Dodigi Pitch Training

Let your voice BE HEARD! Female entrepreneurs across Africa have brilliant entrepreneurial ideas that with the right mentorship and support can scale into great success contributing to economic growth and the sustainable development of Africa. The challenge is that they are not heard. The DoDigi Pitch competitions provide female entrepreneurs in the Southern Africa region with the opportunity to BE HEARD while building their capacity and also the opportunity to access financial capital through masterclasses, one-on-one coaching and peer learning sessions.

Why should female entrepreneurs harness the art of pitching?

As a business owner, harnessing the skill to pitch your business is vital for your success. Your ability to deliver an effective pitch has a significant impact on whether you are trying to convince investors to take a chance on you or selling a product to a potential client, you need to be exceptional at pitching.

What to expect

Whether you have previous experience or no experience in pitching, the masterclasses are designed in such a way that at any level, entrepreneurs get real benefit. The masterclasses help provide you with new ways to present your business ideas to new investors and new markets or simply a safe space to test out your ideas with free expert advice or to hear from your peers.

We also offer one-on-one coaching with industry experts and the session content or topic is completely up to you. You are also able to speak to an expert from your country who also has country-specific knowledge of markets. Join your country group below to access tailor-made content just for you.

Training recordings

Here you will find all the training recordings from our masterclass sessions with experts. This is a great resource that gives you the opportunity to engage with the content beyond the live sessions. Feel free to also share these resources with other entrepreneurs in your network. Our objective is to close the information and skills gap that presents barriers to the growth of entrepreneurship in the continent

Pitch Masterclass with Zoya