Let’s Get Started

Applications closing date: May 30, 2022

Induction to program: TBA

Week 1

Induction to program

Successful candidates register for the 12 week training program and attend an orientation session which is an opportunity to begin to network with other business leaders in addition to the information provided regarding the 12-week journey. Each entrepreneur submits a profile of themselves and their business and so the journey begins.

Week 2 – 10 Refine, Learn Digital

Core and Coaching

The first part of the program is the Emergent Academy – which is an online learning experience in the format of Master classes for entrepreneurs to refine their business models, branding and value proposition. Entrepreneurs get to develop their understanding of digital technologies, the digital economy as well as resilience-building in purpose-driven entrepreneurship.

There is 1 Masterclass in each week, making it a total of 10 masterclasses for the duration of the program.

In this phase entrepreneurs are also paired with an industry expert mentor where they will meet for a minimum of 3 contact sessions.

The outcome of this phase is an improved business business plan that is global investor ready.

Week 5 – 10 Digitization

Do Digital

In addition to closing knowledge gaps, the program provides entrepreneurs access to resources for the practical application of business theory, where the entrepreneurs will implement the new knowledge in their ventures. By the end of the program, participants will have a strong online presence, great digital branding, and have their products and services placed in online stores.

Week 12 The Pitch event


The end of the program is marked by the Pitch event where entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to present their business for judges, potential investors and colleagues. The pitch event is an opportunity where entrepreneurs showcase all that they have learnt and applied during the DoDigi masterclasses, coaching sessions and tech access with Meeticks. The winner of the pitch event will receive a cash prize to invest back into the business.



Entrepreneurs pay it forward by training 1 girl on digital and financial literacy.